• Hand Made wooden Carved Beaded Safari Animals
  • Hand Made carved Styrofoam Beaded Ornaments
  • South African Hand Made Beaded Jewelry 
  • Decorated Ostrich Eggs
The primary focus of Thembalethu is to provide assistance to women; training them to understand how to create and prepare products for marketing to overseas markets, stressing the importance of quality control and packaging, making it possible for the village to provide employment for its citizens. School going children are being taught from an early age to design and manufacture these items, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the development of their schools. South African villages and schools being a part of the Thembalethu network.To create a powerful organization, Thembalethu, providing a network for the rural women in their quest to address challenges and problems affecting their communities. Using their skills as designers and manufacturers of beaded items, their finished articles being marketed around the globe accompanied by the stories of the women, with a special emphasis on the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on their families and communities. Such a network to link Thembalethu with other organizations in other countries that would further the aims of Thembalethu .

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